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  1. Hello, I am desperate to talk to someone about my 30 year old son. Three years ago he was diagnosed with a
    pituitary tumor after losing his peripheral vision in on eye and beginning to lose it in the other. 80% of his pituitary was destroyed and his left eye has about 70% vision loss. He had the tumor removed and it grew again. He then had Gamma knife radiation to destroy what they could around the carotid artery.

    The reason I am reaching out is because my son is on a ton of hormones and an anti-anxiety med (his therapist and endo dr don’t confer with each other) and he is acting bizarre. I need to find out if the hormone replacement and medications could be causing this.
    I read Linda Rio’s book and am convinced he has been more affected by his condition than we ever knew. Do you consult or have endocrinologists in the Seattle area you could refer me to?

    Thank you, Denise