About the risk of infections in pituitary patients: One Doctor’s opinion

In this timely podcast Dr. Lewis Blevins, PWN co-founder, and Medical Director, California Center for Pituitary Disorders at UCSF Professor of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Neurological Surgery, provides an in-depth discussion of viral infections specifically for people with pituitary disease.


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  1. Hi there I was just wondering when you refer to pt’s with adrenal insufficiency and your recommend dose of cortate is 15-20mg daily, would these pt’s have any adrenal function at all? And if so, would you then allow for this in the dose amount? I had a complete infarct of the anterior pituitary during childbirth from an unknown hypoxic cause but not a PPH. Possibly a vasospasm or a borderline BP and tachycardia for a length of time having tonic contractors while waiting for an emergency spinal block and cesarean section. An MRI 10 days post delivery showed a complete infarct. My am cortisol test, without the previous days pm dose, shows an almost undetectable level of cortisol. My daily dose of cortate is 25mg and I was wondering if you thought it sounded reasonable with the Hx I have? Thank you 😊

  2. Hi Dr. Blevins,
    Thank you for your podcast. I have pan hypopituitarism. I take 15 mg of Cortef daily (along with Synthroid and other hormones). I work at a hospital in a rural setting, but have recently been at home with my children. I am having a hard time finding concrete information as to whether someone with my condition should continue to stay home versus going back to work.
    Any additional information would be greatly appreciated,


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