J D Faccinetti

IMG_0762 - Version 2Meet J D Faccinetti

JD was diagnosed with Acromegaly (a pituitary disorder) in October of 2010.  His condition was missed by doctors for 30 years, so he decided to do something to make sure that happens less. Read the acromegaly diagnosis story.  He has over 30 years of marketing management, communications and research experience. He has worked for top national communication agencies and developed marketing, communications programs for international and national leading brands.

He is an expert in strategy development, communications, voice-of-the-consumer and nontraditional qualitative research . His brand experience includes work for Del Monte and Nabisco Brands, Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Cellular One, AT&T, The State of California, Harrah’s Entertainment, and several cause/social marketing /non-profit organizations.

His company, IgniteThinking, LLC uses non traditional research approaches and smart web-scans to drive creativity, inspiration, change and growth.  Recent and current assignments focus on research, brand strategy, marketing and communication in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Clients included, Sony, Siemens, State of California, AT&T, HP, Johns Hopkins University, The American Institutes for Research, as well as several leading communications and PR firms.  He speaks Spanish and English (native fluency), Italian (working proficiency) and enough French and Portuguese to be dangerous.  He is a graduate of the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at Washington State University.




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