Acromegaly and Cancer: An update

From the desk of Dr. Lewis Blevins, co-founder.  In today’s podcast, Dr. Blevins discusses his views and experiences with acromegaly and cancer and reviews the latest study on the subject from Denmark.  You’ll find a link to the study here. 



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  1. Has anyone ever done a study that considers diet and Acromegaly/cancer,etc. i.e.: conventional v. vegetarian v. vegan/plant based, etc.?

  2. I had a humorous experience related to this. After my colonoscopy, the vegan surgeon suggested I become vegetarian. The funny part is that I am a vegetarian/pescatarian. I’m concerned about getting enough protein, and so I do eat fish.

    Now I’m aware that the side effects of the medication that many of us take includes various serious disorders. So, I’m recovering from having a pacemaker implant, instead of a bucket list vacation with many friends.

    • OMG – was the pacemaker necessary a a result of drug side effects? I recently refused Somatuline Depot, mainly because of the side effects: slow and/or irregular heartbeat; gall stones; etc. , and the fact that my IGF-1 is still dropping slowly 1 year after surgery. I’m hoping I did the right thing.
      BTW – I am vegan/ plant based – no junk and I get plenty of protein – you don’t need the fish – take a protein supplement if you are concerned – Vega Sport is good.


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