Aggressive Pituitary Tumors

In this podcast Dr. Blevins discusses aggressive pituitary tumors.  Learn what defines a pituitary malignancy and the differences between benign and malignant tumors.    What is an aggressive tumor and what makes it behave that way.  What are the characteristics of those tumors?   How do they grow?  And what about their recurrence rate?  What are some the new developments?





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  1. I enjoyed the podcast. I had a Prolactin secreting tumor removed in 1979 at the age of 20. Now 57. By todays standards a prolactin of just over 200 would be monitored. I had a transsphenoidal surgery via the oral gums. Now not the approach. I have been on Parlodel 2.5mg for years, very successfully. Hypothyroidism and now an adrenal tumor. My MRI show empty sella. I was told tumor cells were left and if I go off Parlodel prolactin increases. Being a Critical Care Nurse I found the markers and growth differences to be fascinating. I had a great surgeon here Columbus Ohio, Dr. Warren Leimbach since passed. Thanks again


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