Educational video presentations

An exclusive Pituitary World News educational series for patients, families, physicians and healthcare professionals interested in the pituitary gland, by Dr. Lewis Blevins.


Pituitary MRI educational series: A large tumor producing high levels of prolactin

This article illustrates why it's so important to get a good pituitary surgeon. It shows an excellent MRI image of a large tumor form...

Watch the presentations from the PWN-UCSF pituitary patient conference

For your convenience we have uploaded the conference presentations in their totality.  Below are the video presentations with a timestamp so you can more...

Pituitary MRI educational series: A patient with Cushing’s syndrome that was ACTH apparent

In this video, Dr. Lewis Blevins discusses Nelson's syndrome, which is a pituitary tumor that becomes clinically apparent after initial surgery.

Pituitary MRI educational series: A fascinating case of sarcoidosis and secondary empty sella

An excellent MRI discussion by Dr. Blevins to learn and visualize the anatomy of a pituitary scan.  This comparison of two MRI's, done 6...

Pituitary MRI educational series: An unusual case of hyperprolactinemia

In this video of an MRI Dr. Blevins illustrates an unusual case of hyperprolactinemia.  This is also a great opportunity to learn about MRI...


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