Announcing Pituitary World News weekly live radio “Talk Show”

We are excited to announce that, beginning early in 2022, Pituitary World News will go live with a weekly radio show! Stay tuned for...

A review of five drugs.

Here are links to Dr. Blevins' discussion of five drugs to treat hypercortisolism. In each of these podcasts, he reviews the mechanisms of action...

The challenges and opportunities in new hypercortisolism drugs

Today we welcome three renowned experts in the development of drugs to treat hypercortisolism. Dr. Blevins and I discuss their research, clinical trials, challenges, and opportunities for these essential medications that could immensely affect patient well-being and quality of life. This discussion touches on the fascinating details of hypercortisolism and the developments now and in the future.

Acromegaly: the last 30 years

In this Podcast, Dr. Blevins gives us a perspective of the last 30 years on the developments in this field. Like many other conditions, the advances in therapy, imaging, surgery techniques, diagnostic testing, and clinical knowledge have been nothing short of remarkable.

Embracing self-advocacy

Becoming an empowered patient is an important part of health care. However, managing a care team while living with a rare condition may require some skill, and a toolkit may be helpful in navigating care.

The postoperative evaluation and management of patients with hypercortisolism

Dr. Lewis Blevins' discussion on the postoperative evaluation and management of patients with hypercortisolism is technical and directed to physicians, but we encourage everyone to listen to it. 

Pituitary tumors are not brain tumors.

From the desk of PWN cofounder Lewis S. Blevins, Jr. M D  - Social media has been a springboard for misinformation, and the spread...

Critical insights on Diabetes Insipidus

PODCAST: Dr. Blevins takes an in-depth look at Diabetes Insipidus with a specific focus on diagnostic testing. In this podcast, you will be...

The frustrating process of insurance authorizations for the use of medicines

What happens when the insurance company's first line of response is to deny, deny, deny?  How does this increase in oversight from third-party payors...

Webinar: The complexities of hormone levels and symptoms of pituitary conditions

Two outstanding informational webinars were made available to Pituitary World News by Dr. Lewis Blevins, co-founder and medical director of the California Center for...


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