Cortisol levels after Cushing’s surgery

An informal discussion of Cushing's disease issues from cases, articles, and experiences with patients.

The Road to MYCAPSSA: A Conversation with Dr. Bill Ludlam

We recently had a chance to sit down with Chiasma Inc.’s Senior VP of Clinical Development & Medical Affairs, Dr. Bill Ludlam, to discuss...

Follow ups: Why are they so critical?

Two cases where patients’ lack of follow-up leads to complications that likely could have been avoided.


Interesting inquiries prompted by the questions patients leave in their health portals.

A pituitary patient’s experience with COVID-19

A compelling, detailed account of a pituitary patient's experience with COVID-19 everyone should listen.  As the virus takes hold in what is undoubtedly the...

Telemedicine and COVID-19, insights from our survey

Not surprisingly, COVID-19 appears to have significantly impacted pituitary patients' access to healthcare.  Our brief survey elicited information from respondents on their experiences and...

A talk with Crinetics Chairman Scott Struthers, Ph.D.

During these trying times, work continues, even at a faster pace, for new drugs and therapies for pituitary patients. From the J D Faccinetti, co-founder...

The things to take into consideration in interpreting pituitary lab results

In this eye-opening podcast, Dr. Lewis Blevins takes an in-depth look at the science of interpreting pituitary lab results and shares some of the...

A tale of two patients: the biology of different pituitary tumors

Two patients with residual pituitary tumors and their unpredictable differences.

Telemedicine: adapting to change

Telemedicine, how practices have adapted, views on pros and cons, and how things may change in the future.