Day time TV tackles acromegaly

Pituitary World News’ main goal is to increase awareness of pituitary disease so more people are diagnosed early and properly.  So when a daytime TV program, “The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime TV, tackles the general lack of awareness, a key issue for acromegaly diagnosis, and really all pituitary disease for that matter, we are all over it.

Dr. Lewis Blevins, M.D., Neuroendocrinologist, UCSF, and Pituitary World News co-founder, discusses the importance of early diagnosis, the most common signs and symptoms, and treatments. President of the Acromegaly Community, Jill Sisco, PWN friend, and contributor shares her story and how it took 12 years to receive her diagnosis.

Dr. Blevins and Jill Sisco talk about acromegaly

Click here to watch a one-minute promo and don’t miss this extended 30-minute “Special Edition” of Behind the Mystery with Dr. Blevins and Jill Sisco: Rare and Genetic will air on October 26 on Lifetime TV and then stream online on the “The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime TV” at:

For the past nine (9) years, Behind the Mystery has been bringing these often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and complex medical conditions to the forefront by partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on a mission to educate the public, leading to earlier diagnosis and treatment. To date, the show has featured over 100+ disease states and is an invaluable resource to people suffering from these disorders and the entire rare disease community.

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  1. moi aussi, malgré tous les symptômes et signes physique de l’acromégalie. Comme j’étais une jeune femme de 19 ans en aménorrhée, j’ai passé de 5 à 8 dans la pointure de mes chaussures, mon casque de moto ne me faisait plus… et même l’endocrinologue n’a passé les tests sanguins de GH. Je réclamais un scan, j’allais mettre fin à mes prenais une bouteille complète d’advil par jour sans changement, j’ouvrais difficilement mes yeux, mes mains avait grossi, mon nez…tout et ca prit 7 ans avant qu’il le trouve.

  2. Merci Dominique!
    We offer a translation of Dominic’s comment. We apologize for any errors in the language and syntax –
    me too, despite all the physical symptoms and signs of acromegaly. As I was a 19-year-old young woman with amenorrhea, I went from 5 to 8 in the size of my shoes, my motorcycle helmet did not fit anymore… and even the endocrinologist did not take the blood tests of GH. I demanded a scan, I was going to end my life..I took a full bottle of Advil a day without change, I hardly opened my eyes, my hands had grown, my nose … everything, and it took 7 years before let him find it.


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