Excess mortality associated with hypopituitarism in adults

Podcast – In this informational podcast Dr. Lewis Blevins describes the findings of a meta analysis from observational studies done in the UK.  Patients with hypopituitarism have an increased mortality rate mostly related to cardiovascular disorders. These studies also show that women have a higher mortality rate than men.  Dr. Blevins talks about the details of the analysis and the importance of Growth Hormone replacement therapies in adults with hypopituitarism.  You can read the abstract here.





photo by Bill Gracey


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  1. Dr. Blevins,

    After hearing a lecture, that was posted on PNA, (Dr. (?) Cohen), said that GH patients life expectancy is 65-72 years, I’m feeling very frightened. I’m 71 years old. If this is reality I must prepare my husband and children.

    I’m praying that I’m misunderstanding the situation.

    I can’t stop the tears…..

    My parents lived into their 90’s and I was hoping to do the same.

    Sharon Stehr


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