A frank discussion about acromegaly

This is a fascinating talk between three acromegaly patients. Their frank discussion gives a poignant look into the world of living with a chronic condition.  The “Straight Talk Acromegaly” live panel discussion recently broadcasted by radio personality Froggy is now available to watch. We highly recommend it. This is an excellent and engaging conversation about living with acromegaly.

In an Acromegaly day event, Froggy, an acromegaly patient and co-host of the popular Miami radio Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, chatted live on Facebook with fellow acromegaly patients Amber and Joy about their experiences with this disease.

Straight Talk Acromegaly: Live DiscussionPosted by Froggy on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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  1. I am glad to see such visibility! I saw several comments to this interview about the mental health aspects. This is why I wrote my book and continue to support a mental-medical approach toward healing. Marriages, families, work relationships can be torn apart not only when someone goes months to years not understanding what is happening to their bodies but also when depression, anxiety and more affect relationships.

    • Thanks Linda,
      We totally agree! We are thrilled to dedicate a section of PWN to the connection between mental and emotional health and pituitary disease.


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