Join us at the First West Coast Pituitary Patient Gathering

Sponsored by Pituitary World News and the California Center for Pituitary Disorders at UCSF

Join us in San Francisco Saturday, October 12, 9:00 am at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center for a day of interactive discussions with patients who have pituitary disorders and thought leaders in the field of pituitary diseases from UCSF.  Learn more about pituitary disease form experts, neurosurgeons, and neuroendocrinologist from the California Center for Pituitary Disorders at the University of California San Francisco.

Presentations will include patient-centered updates on relevant topics, disease-specific small group sessions, and focus group discussions. Some sessions will run concurrently to enable attendees to choose among several different topics.

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Topics for discussion will include growth hormone replacement, hypopituitarism, diabetes insipidus, medical management of acromegaly, what to expect before and after surgery, management of prolactinomas, management of Cushing’s disease, headaches and other symptoms of pituitary adenomas including visual problems, pituitary pathology and how it helps in decision making, interpreting MRIs for patients, endoscopic pituitary surgery, management of non-functioning pituitary tumors, an introduction to radiotherapy, and navigating new prescription and refill pre-authorization for growth hormone and other injectable drugs.

The afternoon will be devoted to patient presentations and small group strategy sessions where physicians will participate in, and help moderate discussions on important subjects such as:

  • The Doctor-patient relationship. What can patients and doctors do better?
  • Health Insurance issues
  • What can we do to improve earlier diagnosis and treatment
  • What can we do to Increasing awareness of these diseases
  • How do we engage more people in patient support groups

Your voices will count as we define ways to increase awareness of pituitary disorders that will lead to early detection and treatment so don’t miss this opportunity to participate.  A detailed conference schedule will be available shortly. Click here for a Conference Agenda

Come to San Francisco and help us make a difference!

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Location parking maps and directions to the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center 


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