November 1st is World Acromegaly Day

Patient advocacy groups around the world observe November 1st as World Acromegaly Day to focus the public’s attention on a disease that takes much longer to diagnose – on average 8 to 10 years – than it should.  Groups like the ones mentioned below work tirelessly 365 days a year to support patients around the world and improve quality of life.  Here are examples of these awesome Acromegaly Day activities:

The World Alliance of Pituitary Organizations – WAPO – develop a series of posters in several languages that can be adapted by patient organizations around the world to help promote the message.  Advocacy groups around the world used this great visual produced by WAPO board members Sandra Mesri and Muriel Marks-de Korver to promote the day.  Contact WAPO or send us a note if you’d like copies of the posters for your organization.

Patient groups like the Acromegaly Community – read more about the acromegaly community here –  effectively shared visuals through their social media channels and promoted the message using the WAPO posters as an anchor.

This fun video from the Asociacion Española de Afectados por Acromegalia is a great way to explain the causes and get more details on this disease.  Excellent work from our friends in partnership with Pfizer in Spain.

Kensington woman shares her story as Acromegaly Awareness Day draws near. Click on LOCAL NEWS  to watch the video


And here is a great awareness initiative from the Ecuador patient advocacy group FAETH with an open house for for Acromegaly Day – See the details here

Canadian groups like the Canadian National Acromegaly group –read more here- are sharing the WAPO global initiative and several other messages designed for social media.  Also check out the initiatives from our friends in Ottawa – read more here

An international group of patients produced a video explaining how Acromegaly has affected their lives.  Dan Jeffries from the UK produced the video – Here’s a link to the video.

Pfizer in conjunction with WEGO Health shared an initiative about acromegaly to support the acromegaly community. The work will be an opportunity for people to share an inspirational word or phrase that describes the acromegaly journey using the hashtag #acroMEgaly. #sponsored #pfizer

If you’d like us to share you initiatives for acromegaly day or any other special event please contact us through our social media channels, or drop us a line: 


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