October is Pituitary Awareness Month.

From the editor’s desk – For organizations in the pituitary space, we believe it is critically important to reach out to a broader audience to make the case that these conditions, although classified as rare, affect many people and, significantly, go undiagnosed or miss diagnosed for long periods, often decades. So this year, for Pituitary Awareness Month, we highlight some of our more popular Cushing’s disease and syndrome articles and podcasts published over the last few years.

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We started PWN in 2014 to increase the pituitary disease conversation not just with those affected and those involved in the care of patients but also with those who can potentially affect the time to diagnosis. For this task, awareness is vital.

If more people are better informed and doctors have pituitary disorders on their radars, we can affect the time it takes to diagnosis. A patient may ask a more pertinent question, and the doctor may suspect a potential pituitary problem sooner, recognizing that they should go earlier on the list of possibilities.

Theoretically, awareness days or months for any subject are supposed to focus the effort of stakeholders to raise awareness for a given cause or condition.  In many ways, it is a positive collaborative initiative to raise the profile of pituitary disease.  We are dedicated to making every month of the year Pituitary Awareness Month.


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  1. Cushings can be caused by adrenal tumors as well. I was diagnosed with cushings syndrome and underwent a bilateral adrenalectomy at the NIH on a study for cushings.

  2. Is there a way to get involved in raising awareness? I feel like once people realize it’s not cancer, they think it’s not serious. Even after surgery/ radiation, a pituitary tumor is lifelong treatment. Mine was not diagnosed until late in its development….. I feel like with more awareness people can get an earlier diagnosis and get early treatment.


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