Pituitary MRI educational series : macroadenoma

MRI of a macroadenoma illustrating the benefit of pre and post contrast studies.  An exclusive Pituitary World News educational series for patients, families, physicians and healthcare professionals interested in the pituitary gland, by Dr. Lewis Blevins.

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  1. I was just diagnosed with a macro pituitary Adenoma. It is approximately 2 mm in size. I am quite overwhelmed with all the information. The Endocrinologist and Ophthalmologist both felt removal was needed as soon as possible, but the neurosurgeon has recommended we wait until September for a second MRI. The medical expenses are high due to my deductible being $8000.00. Are there options available for me that are less expensive and also can treat me now? I feel worse as time goes on, not better.


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