Podcast – Macrilen: a new growth hormone stimulation test

This podcasts by Dr. Lewis Blevins offers a comprehensive review of growth hormone, GH deficiency, diagnostic testing, a statistics discussion on the strength and accuracy of a diagnostic test and an in-depth explanation of Macrilen an exciting new GH stimulation test.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for reporting about this new test. I hope I can get it soon here in Seattle. As usual, very informative.

    Do you have any tips to share with doctors around the country as far as how to source the Macrilen? And also how to get insurance companies to pay? You said it is expensive, how much is expensive? If an insurance company won’t pay for this test will they pay for replacement meds (Somatropin) based on a non covered test?

  2. Thank you for all your great work! It’s very exciting to have a new diagnostic test available for growth hormone deficiency and this chronic, rare disease arena. I hope this helps patients receive diagnosis in a shorter time frame and with a more comfortable testing process than the ITT test.


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