The long-term ramifications of Cushing’s

In this informative podcast, Dr. Lewis Blevins explores the long-term issues affecting people with Cushing’s disease and syndrome.  For more information on Cushing’s download this series of podcasts.



Music by Patrick Muecke

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  1. This podcast ran so true for me. I was not diagnosed with Cushing’s until my seventh year of trying to find the diagnosis. I had surgery a year ago. Doing well. Thank you, for answering questions I still have

  2. This podcast is great. I am panhypopituitary after successful pituitary sugery. I am 12 years out. My body is back to normal, except for total hair loss, and I lead a very active and full life. I do have bone loss, but thats about it. I replace all hormones and they are monitored often by my Dr.
    my only problem is that after a day of running around endlessly…my body gets physically tired and sore…but I think a normal person would be tired following me around. I am pleased with my outcome. Just wish I could figure the hair problem out. My Sister looks cushing’s but is refusing to seek help. She has all of the issues related to Cushings, and an empty sella. But refuses my urging her to go to a specialist…I am sending her this podcast and perhaps she will see herself in it and seek the proper help. She has already been seen my specialists in aseattle ans she was GH deficient. But went no further in testing. Ugg. Thank you again.


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