Podcast: Reporting from the 2015 Pituitary Disorders, Advances in Diagnosis and Management conference at UCSF

Podcast: In this podcast, Dr. Lewis Blevins and Jorge Faccinetti discuss the highlights of the conference held in San Francisco in late October.  The program focused on the latest updates and recent advances regarding pituitary tumors and related disorders. The podcast offers a unique Doctor/patient perspective on the subject and an interesting discussion.

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Stay tuned for the next podcast where Dr Blevins will discuss his presentation on the latest updates in the medical management of Cushing’s disease.




Photo of Dr Blevins and J Faccinetti by Ilona Garner


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  1. Great interaction podcast, I would like to hear more on pituitary patient surgery success stories. What were their symptoms, what brought them to you, how the surgery and recovery went, to present day.


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