Telling a story with art and photography

From J D Faccinetti – cofounder – I met Santino Matrundola about a year ago in Vancouver at the Canadian Acromegaly gathering of physicians and patients.  We were both asked to present, he his story and I our work with Pituitary World News.  He made an excellent presentation and walked the audience through a riveting account of his experience with acromegaly.  See, what makes his story compelling is not only that he is an extremely talented photographer, but that it was this disease, which rendered him almost blind in one eye, that compelled him to focus his considerable artistic talents in photography.

He told me photography gave him the sense of control he had been searching for.   “It allowed me to flow creatively on a routine basis. Ironically, this is when I started my own photography business” he said.  Santino says his disadvantage made him a better photographer.

Recently, through the power of the art of photography, he presented patient stories, struggles, and successes with acromegaly.  The project, called The Light of Day, showcases how acromegaly patients across Canada are living and thriving despite the challenges this disease presents them.  It depicts a single photograph of each of the eleven participating acromegaly ambassadors, along with a short story describing the unique experience each has had with this condition. “I was so pleased that the project came together,” explains Santino, “all of us as ambassadors experience acromegaly in our own unique way, and I wanted to shine the light on how we each use our hope, positivity, and energy to overcome this disease and help raise awareness.”

“The concept of this project is a reflection of my life.”, he explained.“  I woke up that day over four years ago, and it changed everything.   Seeing the light when I thought there was only darkness surrounding me is what kept me going. There is light even in the darkest of places. I’m not happy that I have Acromegaly, but I am grateful for what it has taught me and for the countless people I’ve met along the way. Doors are slowly opening for patients with Acromegaly, we are not there yet, but we are starting to see the light of day.”, he said.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to showcase these remarkable photographs.  Click here to see the photographs and read the stories.

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  1. All medical schools need these photos to not only highlight the MANY faces of acromegaly, not just the few extreme examples, but also to add the calming beauty of these amazing art pieces for stressed-out med students!

  2. Hello Linda, I absolutely agree with medical schools having to be updated with better knowledge of Acromegaly and seeing that you don’t have to have all the signs of structural bone changes in the face and etc to have acromegaly. If you are interested in having these pictures to update the medical field please contact me and we will make this happen.

    Sincerely Deanna Badiuk
    Vancouver Acromegaly Support Group and Ambassador of Acromegaly of Canada.


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