The doctor-patient relationship

This is our first podcast on what we hope it will be a continuing series of discussions on how doctors and patients interact. Through these discussions we hope to learn from our readers and doctors experiences and pass the insight along to patients, physicians and health care providers alike. In medicine, and particularly in endocrinology, where so many conditions are hard to detect and diagnose, knowledge, awareness and communications at all levels are key.



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  1. I have a great relationship with my Primary care doctor ( thank God, dont know what i would do if she ever moved).But i do believe at least one of My Endocrinologist ( i have a team as I’m in the public system)label me a difficult patient. I am a nurse. I do have some knowledge. And although i had never heard of Cushing Disease when i was diagnosed, I read as much as i could about it so I could make informed decisions with my Care givers. I always got a copy of my test results prior to my visit to the Endocrinologist. And the hardest thing for me to understand was the Lies. Yes Lies the doctors told me. ALL my test results are normal !! I would have to ask specifically, what were my Vitamin D results? Normal. No what was the level? Well its a little low you may want to take an over the counter Vitamin D suppliment. Yes but what was the level. 13Nmol/l. Ohhhh really. Thats like a severe deficiency isnt it. And that was just one example. Ive been told my cortisol, ACTH, etc are normal when they are well out of the normal range. Thats what makes me a difficult patient. The fact that I catch them out in a lie !. Doctors should NEVER lie to their patients.


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