Resection of a pituitary adenoma

Dr. Manish Aghi, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco and Pituitary World News contributor is an accomplished  Harvard-trained neurosurgeon who performs about 100 pituitary operations each year.  He is perhaps the most experienced of the new generation of pituitary surgeons.  He performs not only the typical endonasal transsphenoidal operation but also the extended transsphenoidal procedure, all the varied endoscopic approaches to the pituitary and, when necessary, transcranial operations to remove pituitary and related tumors.  Recently, he took a video camera into the OR to film segments of a transsphenoidal removal of a pituitary macro adenoma.  We are delighted that he has shared this video with Pituitary World News.

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    my son daniel o,leary , had a pituitary op in 1991 , question ? is there now a procedure that can grow another pituitary gland from stem sells , and be implanter with my geno to help him in his life today im willing to try and help ,


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